Rylan Calder - Sheep and Cow Farming

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My Small Holding


This is the land i have rented at the beginning of March this year.  This is for part of my EPQ, because i want to get the most out of what i study from sheep and livestock.

This is the land that i have rented.

Process of getting the field prepared and fenced off -













My sheep - These ones are Jacob sheep. They are a very hardy and more of a show breed than a commercial breed. They make very good mothers, very easy to lamb, and have a good solid body that can stand up to harsh weather conditions.  They make very good meat also.  

Jacob lamb at foot - 

Jacob lambs at foot are very hardy lambs they are mothered very well by their mothers.

Suffolk - this is my Suffolk sheep with two lamb at foot.  These are very strong lambs with a tight fleece which decreases the risk of fly strike.  These sheep are also good for meat quality because they have a nice heavy carcass.







Charollais - these are my other breed of sheep they are a very well known and muscular.  They have a good heavy carcass that brings good meat to the table and a lot of it.  The Charollais i have got are lambs so they will be ready in the next 6 months.

This is the Charollais ewe that i had with 2 lamb at foot.  She died because she had a bad quarter and she was constipated.   We had to take her to the knackers.  This is where all dead animals in our area are taken before being incinerated. 














The breed of my calves are Holstein Frisian cross with an Aberdeen Angus heifers.  I have two of these and they are more of a commercial breed, but are a good strong breed of calf and will produce good meat in view of the table this breed can be quit lively. 

My sheep 

New barn built for the winter months coming up -

My Cattle crush

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