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Most common sheep diseases

Urinary Calculi - the symptoms of this disease is they start  to get restless.  They can also strain to urinate.  This is not a good sign because it means they've caught the disease.

stomach worms - is the most common disease to sheep.This can cause loss of  weight also you will start to see the membranes of there eyes, nose and mouth will become pale.  if the symptom get very bad it can lead to scouring.

Overeating Disease - this disease occurs in lambs that are fed a large amount of grain.  The movements to look out for is moving in circles and staggering, it is then important to get your sheep sorted out.


White muscle disease - this is a disease that causes stiffness in lambs at an early age. This caused by the lack of minerals.  This can happen in several days to sometimes several weeks.


Orf - this is a disease that causes scabs around the mouth.  It is a viral disease so it will heal up in around 4-6 weeks with anitbiotics.


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Fly strike - Is mostly common to sheep. flies lay their eggs in the sheeps wool, and then they make their way down  into the sheeps skin. The flies feed off the flesh which can kill the sheep  3 - 6 days after the flies strike them.

I have also used this cream, on my sheep as i found it helped healing quicker.

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