Rylan Calder - Sheep and Cow Farming

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Life on a farm working with sheep and cows

I have chosen to work with sheep because it has always been my passion. I have been going to the cattle markets regularly which has helped me to get an understanding of the sheep, and i have learnt simple techniques such as how to handle them in different situations.  It has also given me the opportunity to meet with farmers and learn from their experiences.  I now have a flock of 13 sheep. 


I have know purchased 2 calves to add to the challenge.  This is a very fun task, i have had a few problems now with them but most common to cattle farmers.  the calves have had ringworm this is where they get bear patches around there eyes which you have to treat otherwise they are growing up fast.  And no doubt will be ready for the butcher in 18 months this was one of the challenges i found because i wanted have them ready for butcher.  But i no longer can because they are not old enough and i have had 13 sheep but have gone recently so i now have 5 cows.

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