Rylan Calder - Sheep and Cow Farming

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key words

Ewe - Female sheep of breeding age, not yet bred, or ewe lambs, up to one year.

​Far welted – When a sheep is stuck on its back

Fat Lambs - Finished ready for slaughter from approx 10-12 months old on wards
Flyblown – Fleece laden with maggot-fly eggs

Scouring – to have diarrhea
Set-to – A “set-to” is an orphan lamb given to a foster mother
Shab – Sheep scab
Shearling – A young sheep between its first and second shearing
Sheeder – Female lamb
Shots – Culls or small lambs

Store Lambs - Lambs not sold during the summer for slaughter may be kept for sale or feeding on as store lambs

Mutton - The meat of sheep, over 2 years old including cull ewe

Leaf – A disease of lambs

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