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Small holding equipment for sheep and cows

Animal shelter - This is an animal shelter for young sheep and calves.  This is well vented and is an ideal shelter for small holders.

This sheep shelter costs around £300-500 depending on the size you get.

Creep feeder - This is a creep feeder for young sheep

This creep feeder is brand new and costs £268.

Livestock trailer - This is a sheep trailer that's used for transporting up to 6 sheep at a time and is used for small holdings. 

This trailer costs £2,222.40 but you can pick them up off eBay for £750.  i brought my sheep trailer for £750

Ear tags - This is an ear tag and it is used so the DEFRA can track down your sheep and register new sheep when they have lambs.

These are the ear tags for sheep.  they carry an identification number which is registered to you as the keeper.  they can be purchased for 79p.

This is a cade lamb feeding bucket.

This milk feeding bucket is for cade lambs.  They cost around £20 - £30.

This small holding is used for sheep at lambing or just the weather conditions are to bad so it is somewhere to store the sheep.

I have a similar idea to this but it's a cow shed/barn so i can keep them in at winter and feed them and then for them also to go in for shelter.

This is a hay feeder used in summer and winter.

Hay feeders can cost from around £15-£50 depending on the size and quality of the feeder.

This bottle is for a cade lamb and 

costs between £5-£10 depending on size.

Stock fencing - sheep are known for escaping.  It is essential, that they are kept safe with this special fencing.  it can be purchased from as little as £43 a roll.

Electric fencing - is a cheaper option.  Most sheep farmer tend to use stock fencing with an electric tape at the top on the fencing.  This can be purchased from as little as £29 for a 200m roll.

Sheep pellets - sheep feed cost around £10-£12 for a 20kg branded feed, including the needed nutrients.  

Ear tag applicators - these are used for applying the ear tags to the sheeps ear. They can vary in cost from around £6.00 - £15.00

Creep feeder for calves - these creep feeders cost around £920 for a quality creep feeder.  You can also pick these up for a lot cheaper second hand as well.

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