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Sheep Maintenance


Tail docking - Tail docking is where the tail at a young age around 3-6 weeks of age have there tail docked and this is where they put a rubber band half way up the tail and it eventually comes off.  they do this to stop infection cause when they get  older there tails would drag along the floor this method is to stop them from getting a disease.

Tail has not been cut short (docked)

this can cause infection leading to

the lamb dying.













Sheep dipping - Sheep dipping is where the sheep are dipped through a massive trough.   It can fit up to 6 sheep at a time. The water dip is mixed with an antibacterial solution which helps protects them from the outside habitat and stops them from getting hove infection like foot root. 














Mobile sheep dipping - mobile sheep dipping is also another way of sheep dipping if the farmer doesn't have the facilities on his farm.

Why do sheep get dipped? - Sheep get dipped to fight against external parasites which are worms that eat into the flesh of the sheep.

Shearing - Shearing is a process which takes place every year in spring so they dont get to hot in the summer otherwise they can get stressed.  also there long fleece is likely to drag along the floor and could cause the increasing possibility of fly-strike.

Foot rot - Foot rot is where the foot gets infected it is the rotting away of the hoof this is also very painful one of the causes is lameness.
















This sheep do this if they are standing for along time and they are two tired you just have to keep an eye on them.  Because it can also mean they have got a foot problem which means it could be hoof rot.

Hoof trimming - Foot rot is where the foot gets infected and and can cause lameness and other diseases.  If your sheep are based in an area with high rainfall the sheep will have to have there hooves trimmed more regularly.  Because the moisture helps the hoof to grow faster.  hoof trimming can be painful to the sheep depending on weather you damage the hoof or not. It is also very hard work if you have a lot of sheep to do. 

How to tell the age of a sheep by its teeth? 

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