Rylan Calder - Sheep and Cow Farming

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These are my calves/cows

My calves are in the barn in this picture.  The breed of them are Holstein Frisian cross Aberdeen Angus heifers (female) calves.  These calves are a milking cow but more of the Angus side in them because they are all light brown.  They are being reared for meat and are 3 months old. I intend to butcher them around 2-3years of age. 

Here i am bottle feeding the calves.  They had to be feed twice a day with each feed having 6 pints of milk.

These are my cows that were calves.  These are the Aberdeen Angus which are now 6 month old cattle. 



Mineral lick - this is a mineral lick which you give the cattle in the field.  This is so they lick all the essential mineral they need that they don't necessarily get from the pasture.

These are my new calves.  2 of them are Hereford cross Frisians and the other 1 is a Simmental cross Frisian.  They are 3 months of age and are weaned off the milk so we are getting them prepared for winter and trying to fatten them up.

These are my 3 new calves the Hereford calves are the 2 on the outside. The one in the middle is a Simmental.

This is a course mix, a bit of a syrupy texture.  The calves love it, it's got all the minerals they need in it and helps fatten them up as well.

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