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1: Merino: This type of wool is demanded all over the world. Merino 

wool is used for making cloths for babies and shawls and other warm


2: Leicester Long-wool Sheep: These are medium to large size sheep used 

for there wool.  There are only 2000 of this breed in the world, so this is ma-

king farmers breed more of this breed of sheep as they are valuable to hu-




3: Lincoln sheep:

This sheep breed is very popular worldwide for its wool and weights between

260 to 350 pounds. It is a very popular wool for its lovely wool

and fleece, which is demanded all over the world for weaving and designing.


4: Dorset sheep: This sheep is used for high quality type of meat. This breed of

sheep is found all over the US, this sheep has a very good milk giving and

is very good for rearing meat so a good all round breed of sheep.

5: Dorper sheep: This breed of sheep is mostly valuable for its meat.  They use 

this for wool as well but not so much mainly breed them for their meat.

6: Hampshire sheep: This sheep is known specially for its lovely mutton meat

and has medium wool and dark faced hornless breed.


​7: Suffolk sheep: Suffolk sheep are the best breed of sheep for meat.  This is

used for medium wool and they have big black legs. 

8:American Black Bellied/Barbados: This sheep breed is used for hunting

hair and very nice horns.  The meat is very lean and lacks mutton flavor 

than other sheep breeds.

9: Jacob sheep: This sheep breed is known for its colorful body and its very

colorful body and face also there horns are very well shaped.  And there

fleece is often used for wool.   

10: East Friesian: This is the most common breed of sheep

which is known for its quality milk in the world. On average, it produces

around 990 to 1,100 pounds per 220 to 240-day.

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